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Il centro dell’Oceano

01/22/2012 18:00

Il centro dell’Oceano

My journey has always been to the center of the ocean. It is the place it seems I have always sought.

As much as seems along my journey I have sought out every common place, every strangers face, all my have’s and have not’s

I’ve mingled with rhyme and reason placing all of these things within their due seasons, and still…even still, I have never once stumbled upon my reason.

I search in languages not my own, even traveled so very far from home, I’ve been held, I’ve been dropped, I’ve been with others and I’ve been alone

I tired once of my own words telling and retelling all the stories we’ve all already heard. I’ve spoken them out loud so many times even to me they’ve become absurd

So here’s the thing then, this is where it all comes down, the place I stumbled upon while I was looking around. The pin drop that fell when I couldn’t hear any other sound

The circle I was caught in while I was spinning around and around….the place I became so lost I was finally found

I’m not sure I understand just yet how it is I’ve been singing a solo while part of a duet, like I’ve danced with a partner never once have I met.

All my fountains have filled up with the waters of sorrow and regret while the places rearrange never once being set

Flowers by the way have no fortunes to tell, he loves me, he loves me not is how those petals fell, like the throwing of a coin inside a wishing well, or the waiting on the wind to determine which way the ship will sail

You see I’ve set out on many journeys, so many times set out to sea, to find out if the deepest part of the ocean still held the deepest part of me.

The waves that I rode as my faith, casting my anchor out with all I believe, though where those waters part was a little more than I conceived, I was ashamed to admit that perhaps I’d been deceived

I had sent a message once into the depths of this sea, but I was venturing out now to find out if it had in fact been received


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