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For the devastated, lonely, or utterly bored coffee -drinking -tequila-smokers of the world

1. Never Liked it Anyway:  
The site that allows you to sell what they left behind, and trash talk the way they did it! Whether it’s the engagement ring, wedding dress, boots or tie she gave you when you got promoted- once the break up happens all these items can be sold online at this site.  For sellers, it offers some comfort, on some level to sell it here rather than a pawn shop or Craig lists, crying while you post a picture of the teddy bear you once loved soooo much! And for buyers, you can feel somewhat charitable, like you’re buying for a good cause…well kind of.  Either way, Never Liked it Anyway is my pick of the week for off the wall websites.

  PICK OF THE WEEK:  Barbara Allin Silk Halter A Line
sold by Carolyn
Real World Price: $2,500.00
Break-up Price: $400.00


2. Crank Dot Net:
I don’t even know what this is??! But here is the Crank of the Day;
The esteemed Crank o' the Day for 2012 Jan 04:
Humpy Dumpty Feminism 2002 Aug 17
... hate mongers ...
"There is a fundamental dishonesty about pretending that feminism is so open as to be a meaningless term when the issue is accountability, and then saying you are proud to be a feminist. Clearly feminism has a set of core values and these values are quite compatible with bigotry. It is these values which all feminists endorse and are proud of. But what core value could be wide enough to include, on the subject of gender relations two so apparently opposite camps? It is this (the definition of feminism which Naomi Wolf uses in Fire with Fire in fact): feminism is all about more for women. But no matter what Humpty Dumpty feminists say the word means, feminism remains a movement run by sexist bigots, opposed to sexual equality. Knowing this, feminists who still proudly support the movement and help to give legitimacy to what would otherwise be seen as the ramblings of lunatics, have a charge to answer."

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