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The Course of Things

01/22/2012 19:08

To Speak of Rain

Petals traced upon their graves of the lives they once had scattered We were lost and torn on broken glass from the reflection we had shattered We sought out their places among their sacred spaces We searched through footprints for any traces We grabbed a hold of their truth as we owned...
01/22/2012 18:14

Northern Lights

There is a beckoning of the Northern Lights. A challenging of the North Star. If the horizon is still silent I will not pretend to know why. I have no idea. Horizons tend to be silent from time to time. But as the North Star beckons and the horizon only whispers I find myself challenging the...
01/22/2012 18:00

Il centro dell’Oceano

Il centro dell’Oceano My journey has always been to the center of the ocean. It is the place it seems I have always sought. As much as seems along my journey I have sought out every common place, every strangers face, all my have’s and have not’s I’ve mingled with rhyme and reason placing...
01/22/2012 17:59

Italy By May

To be in Italy by May…...... I should probably leave by morning.... The seas seem to have parted ways and the doves above are soaring.... Through the air, about the sky as though perhaps they keep watchful eye.... Upon departure and arrival as though they are guarding my...

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